Advise from a raindrop

You think you’re too small
to make a difference? Tell me
about it. You think you’re
helpless, at the mercy of forces
beyond your control? Been there.

Think you’re doomed to disappear,
just one small voice among millions?
That’s no weakness, trust me. That’s
your wild card, your trick, your
implement. They won’t see you coming

until you’re there, in their faces, shining,
festive, expendable, eternal. Sure you’re
small, just one small part of a storm that
changes everything. That’s how you win,
my friend, again and again and again.

Dichter(s): Kim Stafford

Locatie: Hendrik Consciencestraat 16, Leuven, België

Taal: Engels

Datum geplaatst: april 2022

Naam invuller: Hugo Brems

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