The little house in the woods

There's a little bitty house that sits back in the woods
And it has about 60 years
It's got an old Reed Roof and it feels like home
Got Apple pie and a warm atmosphere
Well there's a real nice man that'll welcome you to sit all day in the sun
He's got some fun lovin friends ands hard working folks
And all they ask is for you: to have fun.

So make your way to where the guitars play and find yourself a seat
You got Rob, René, Chris and Bart and sometimes you can even hear me
Order up a bottle of wine, relax and let yourself get loose
It's a hell of a place to have a good time at the little house in the woods.


It's all about living the good life and you can feel it when the crowd is hot
They don't like to see an empty glass so the pourin' don't ever stop
You can listen to the low dirty blues or hear a sweet ol' country song
Everybody likes to hear good music so they all join in and sing alomg:

We sing ooh ooh the little house in the woods
Ooh ooh we sure got it good ooh ooh
It is a hell of a place to have a good time at the little house in the woods

Dichter(s): Chris Koenen, Pam Macbeth

Locatie: Houtlaan 100, Leiden, Nederland

Taal: Engels

Datum geplaatst: 2009

Relatie met locatie: Dit 'gedicht' gaat over het theehuis waarop het is aangebracht.

Meer info:

Naam invuller: Thomas van 't Groenewout

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