The Seven Senses

There are the seven senses that
we use for work or play.
Most of us would say only five.
There's six, others would say.

The first one is the sense of taste,
to tell the tang of lime.
The second is the sense of smell
with which you'll judge this rhyme.

The third is the sense of hearing,
to tell when there's no sound.
The fourth one is the sense of sight.
See the great poem you found.

The fifth one is the sense of touch.
You feel pain or pleasure.
You'll feel this poem's not worth a dime,
or that it's a treasure.

The sixth sense is called ESP.
I seem to have found some doubt.
I sense from some of you out there...
Oh! That's what it's about.

The seventh sense is obvious,
there's no need to explain.
A sense of humor is a must,
or else you'll go insane.

Dichter(s): William Tozzi

Locatie: Diestsevest 31, 3000 Leuven, België

Taal: Engels

Relatie met locatie: Het gedicht staat op een raam naast de voordeur van een flatgebouw met de naam 7 Senses Square XI (gebouwd door 7Senses Group Real Estate).

Naam invuller: Hugo Brems

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